You Are Only Mine

Love Poetry Exoressing Emotions For Love
You re the light of my life
You are the colour of my blood
You are the care over the fear
You are my The paradise

I m just a small knight
Only You can think so high
I m just the pieces of kind
Because you are the dream of mine

I just want to take in world of mine
Where every second is only yours
I just want to build the palace
Because you are the princess of mine

You shower the happiness over me
Your smile makes my all day
You are the best gift of my life
Everyday O dear you are today

Only you can make me alived
In the world full of denied
My heart becomes alive
When I see your sweet smile

I will always hold your hand
I will walk with you in every way
I will devoted you my every second
Because you are my only destiny

So dear love me as heaven
Trust me as eternal
Stay with me forever.
Lets live the life together