Oct 31, 2020

Where it all started

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Where it all started

She rolled down the car window as they hit the highway. All the city pollution was left behind. She was trying to fill up her lungs to the fullest with this clean and pure county air. She was going back to the small village from where she ran away 20 years ago. To this big city to fulfil her big dreams. But soon she realised bigger the city bigger the challenges. Initially she could barely manage to eat twice a day. But this didn’t stop her from pursuing her dreams. She kept trying, kept working hard and today after 20 years all the hard work is paying off. Not that she became some youngest CEO or something but she earned herself a small apartment in the heart of the city, a car big enough to drive around, a secure job, decent saving and most importantly friends for life time.
On that Friday night she was partying with her friends in the local bar and the game of truth or dare made her visit her old village where she grew up. The dare she choose was to face the nightmare. Unfortunately for her the nightmare and closest place to her heart was the same.
The place gave her sweet memories for life also gave her the excruciating pain for life.
As the car was entering the village, her nostrils filled the smell of bread baking in the bakeries. That familiar  scent triggered memories of childhood. She used to visit these bakeries with her mother and could never resist the urge to eat the fresh and warm bread in the bakery itself. Her mom used to buy 1 extra bread for her to eat then and there.
Little ahead of the bakery was her school, where everyday she would entered with a fawn face and left with a smile. All those lanes, roads , buildings, dust on roadside, small well, every for and House holds a particular memory -happy, sad, funny or even embarrassing ones.  
But the place holding the scariest memory was a tiny house at the end of a ordinary looking lane.  Little isolated surrounded by tall trees and how can she forget that tyre swings hanging there since she could remember.  It was her own house where she grew up, where she witnessed all the beautiful movements with her lovely mother and where she got petrified for life.
When her mother hanged herself she was there hugging her mother the whole time.  As her brain frizzed she couldn’t understand what to do where to go.  She is sitting on that very room for two days.  She couldn’t moved because of the shock then a lady came in the house made her understand what had happened there.  Since that day she couldn’t put a step inside the house. And one day ran away from that village where people used to pity her.  
The car stopped in front of her house she stepped out of the car stood in front of the door for couple of minutes and gathered all the courage. She stepped inside the house and there she found that lost segment of her journey – where it all started .


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