Visit to an orphanage

Always love your parents

It was my best friends birthday.  Every year we celebrate her birthday with great joy by cutting cakes and followed by a party. But this time she thought of doing something different.
When I called her on her birthday for warm wishes she told me that she wants to celebrate the birthday with orphanage children. I liked her idea and I know that it would be great with them.
According to the plan we both meet at the destination point. After that, we purchased a cake, balloons and other eating stuff.
And went to that place. The day started with a warm welcome with flowers. All children have great enthusiasm. They were full of energies. After they showed their orphanage. The orphanage was so well maintained, there were many things made by these children. Then the head of the orphanage showed the trophies won by their children in a different field.
Then we decorated the rooms with balloons, different strings etc. Followed by cake cutting. To my surprise, they made a beautiful cake for my friend. After that, we played lots of games and danced too.
We also kept a painting competition and given one hour to complete it. There were different painting at end of an hour. Some made cars, market place, flowers, buildings etc. We announced the winners. Then we had lunch with them.
They taught us many new games and hand made things.
As the day was coming to end, we gave gifts and chocolates to all the children. As a memory, they told us to plant one tree with our name on the board beside that. While leaving that place there were tears in children eye even in my eye too. And we left that place and came back home
That day I came to know we are so lucky that we have both mom and dad. We get their love and affection. The visit to the orphanage was a fulfilling experience for me as I came back home with not only memories but also some valuable lessons. When I reached home, I ran straight to my mother and hugged her tight saying that I loved her very much and also my father. She held me tight with teary eyes.

Bhagyashree Thorat