I Have Some Amazing Solutions Of Problems Which Are Occured Due To Our Current Education System. So Along With The Solution I Have Descrbed A Better Education System Than Current. So Please Check My Blog. Do Like, Comment And Share.
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1) kya blogpost me describe ki hui education system kya aajke educational problems ko solve kar shakta hai? 

2) kya ye current education system se better hai? 

3) kya esa education system ko hamare desh me karyarat hona chahiye?

Problems :

There are many problems problems occurs due to our current education system and also the high prices of education facilities. Problems are there like students suicide due to failure in educational exams and due to lack of desired job  , and  lack of stimulations of real life problems and its preventative solutions , high fees of private schools, stressful exams and marking system, lose of hope if candidate failed to match with physical parameters like hight, running speed in exams like PSI and other Police department exams as incase if any girl who\"s short and her hight growth is stopped even though she is very nice runner but she can\"t apply for that test Beacuse in some exams she\"ll be quickly out when her hight is measured and also the one who\"s mastermind of case solvig and very intelligent to crack the written exams who\"s not able to run fast due to any reason in test is failed then he can\"t get chance to give the written test , many students who even done the PhD they don\"t have their desired job.  

Solution :
For this education project i want to do this:

I would like to start an educational open university of community volunteer for which i don\"t need any big lands and money to build the infrastructure. Under that university i want to open education center in every few villages or in city where students can come and learn for free and get free job just after their comfortable exams complitions. They have choice wheather they wants paid-free job in nearest company without leaving there home for it or job in cities and states and even in in any  govermnet or private institution. In this education system no-one ever will failed everyone will get very hard training for courses for free and exams will be taken until they clear it with 100% marks. Everyone will be given thier fair chance. For this education center i would like to use already exist all old schools which are permenantly closed . In many villages of India some old closed schools are available.  In case there is empty Residential houses or plots i would like to use it's  space as educatioal center so that cost of making new buildings for educational center will be avoided as much as possible.