Sacrifice Of Eternal Love 3.0

Sacrifice Of Eternal Love

Competition : Ira English Bloggers

Topic : Love and relationship (love story)

Series : Sacrifice For Eternal Love

Part no. : Sacrifice For Eternal Love #3.0

Lily had lost sight of Harry. He started talking to Sara, who was standing right in front of him, without saying anything. His gaze was fixed on Lily. She was leaving him. She was preoccupied with numerous thoughts.

"I finally met Lily today, after many years. But she wasn\"t my Lily. She\"d never avoided me before. But I think I met another Lily today." She left when she saw me."

"Harry!! Where is your focus?" Oliver, who was nearby, inquired.

While talking, Oliver and Sarah separated from Harry and sat alone.

For a while, Harry sat by himself. Only a handful of pals entered and briefly chatted. However, he observed that Lily was not approaching him.

On one side, Lily was also seated by herself. Harry eventually stood up and headed over to Lily. Lily was a little perplexed when she saw him coming toward her.

"Hii..! As he approached Lily, Harry remarked.

"Hii!" Lily yelled softly.

"How are you doing ?"

"How are you doing, I\"m fine." Inquiringly, Harry said.

"I\"m also enjoying myself!"

"When did you arrived?"

\"Arrived just now!"

"The remaining?"


It was awkwardness in between Lily and Harry to converse. They experienced it as well. On their relationship, years of dust had accumulated. They might have known about it together.

"I finished your book in! "Excellent writing!" Looking at Sarah and Oliver, who were staring at them, Harry said.

"Are you familiar with my book?" Lily was taken aback.

"I\"ve read each of your novels so far!!" Now Harry started talking quite freely.

"Nice!!" Lily, on the other hand, was barely speaking.

Everyone in that small gathering was in a frenzy. Many more memories were made among old friends. However, a gentle memory of love was also attempting to unfold its page in this old memory.

Lily and Harry were completely immersed in it. In the interim, a friend would come and sit with them and talk. But neither of them were leaving that moment. There was much to discuss, but neither of them could find the right words.

"In every one of your stories, the hero and heroine\"s love remains unfulfilled in the end!!" Harry expressed his vulnerability to Lily.

"I\"m also concerned! " Lily fixed her gaze on Harry.

She is unable to continue talking about this. For a brief moment, she was deafeningly quiet. She shed a tear. But she wiped it without telling Harry.

"Do you believe that only being together is referred to as love?" Quietly, Harry inquired.

“No!! But how can it be called love if you leave without telling?" Lily said this after a brief glance at Harry.

Lily and Harry sat for a while, talking. Sarah and Oliver found it amusing. The gathering party was quickly coming to an end. Everyone had a fantastic time. Finally, everyone started promising to meet up again.

To be continued...

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