Sacrifice For Eternal Love 10.0

Sacrifice For Eternal Love

Competition : Ira English Bloggers

Topic : Love and relationship (love story)

Series : Sacrifice For Eternal Love

Part no. : Sacrifice For Eternal Love #10.0

"Lily, your tardiness is a habit that you will never break. While conversing, someone caught the eyes of a helpless Lily.

Lily saw Harry when she turned around. Lily awoke when she saw him.

“Harry!! Are you here? Didn\"t you have a flight at six?

"It was!! But it\"s now seven, not six! Harry smiled while speaking before turning to face Lily.

"I mean!! " Lily enquired.

"I anticipated that you would be late. I purposefully told you to arrive early because of this! because I didn\"t want to miss your visit! When Harry turned to face Lily, he said.
Lily simply continued to reply with a smile hidden behind her lips.

“Michelle??” Lily enquired.

"Sit in the waiting area!"

"When will we next speak?"

Anytime like this! It was getting heavier all the time, even for Harry.

The absence of you left the world seeming so void. I want to start over right now, though! Observing the nearby flowers, Lily remarked.

You should do this, Lily, and I agree! Make a new start! Sighing, Harry continued.

For a while, neither speaks. Afterward, the flight\"s announcement was made. Harry commenced his departure.

Michelle was being followed by a woman who was exiting a wheelchair and carrying lily flowers for lily only.. To Lily, she gave it. Lily said after being seen.

"Lily, remain scented and fresh. You\"re welcome, too! Autograph please..! This book is not up for signing. The sound of conversing was left from yesterday.!"

"My autograph!" Lily smiled as she questioned.

“Yes!! Michelle gave her the book.

Lily takes the book. "Love you a lot" was written last year. After signing it, Michelle turned around and left. She made sure Lily knew that we would see her again.

Harry\"s leg, however, remained immobile. Finally, following the final announcement, he walked away and stated.

"Take care of yourself! The next time we meet, I want Lily just like she used to be! in college! " As he spoke, Harry hug to Lily tightly.

Lily spent some time observing Harry leave. Lily was muttering to herself when Smith, who had just parked the car, came dashing up to her.


Simply nodding in accord, Lily. Smith started to walk with her after placing his hand on her shoulder. He once turned around. The love in Harry and Michelle\"s eyes for Lily was palpable. He approved of both of them and reassured me that I would look after Lily and show thumb to both of them.

Lily left to take control of her new life while remembering him who was departing. With Michelle\"s gift of Michelle\"s flowers in her memory, Lily sets out to start a new life and runs into the same old Lily. where they are initially met.

You should accompany me.

My heart always longs for you.

when you\"ll be waiting for a moment

Even for a brief moment,

time will come to a halt.

I intend to live my entire life.

Will live on in memory

Retell everything.

Even the start of love

You\"ll be there for a long time.

Here is a picture of your heart.

I hope to meet you someday.

"I was unknowingly on a path...!!"

When we think that this us the end of love story, but that end is always a new beginning of love.

Thank you.

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