Sacrifice For Eternal Love 9.0

Sacrifice For Eternal Love 9.0

Competition : Ira English Bloggers

Topic : Love and relationship (love story)

Series : Sacrifice For Eternal Love

Part no. : Sacrifice For Eternal Love #9.0

Lily had been reminiscing about Harry for a long time after meeting him.She kept staring at his face the entire time. Many thoughts started to coming in her mind.

"After meeting him today, I truly didn\"t know what to say! Getting to know Michelle was quite challenging for me! However, the animosity and rage vanished when we met. How is it possible to love someone so deeply? When Harry learned that she was crippled, he could have rejected her! However, she didn\"t do it only on the advice of her mother! For the mother\"s sake! But she continued to show affection even after that! Because of him, Michelle is still alive today! And I can see that Harry still adores her dearly! Still, despite everything, I am there right now! doesn\"t it? In my memory, Harry hasn\"t changed at all!

Lily fell asleep and began to daydream. The notification tone suddenly sounds. Harry sent the message.
"Lily, it was great meeting you today! You were highly valued by Michelle. Indeed, many thanks. After a long silence, Michelle spoke today. I\"ll be departing tomorrow night! Meet us at the airport! Sleep well! Good night..!

"Okay, see you tomorrow," responds Lily after reading the message.

Indeed, Lily is still bearing the effects of my serious error! She assumed that I had deceived him! However, there are occasions when we find ourselves desiring something to happen even when we are not consciously thinking about it.The image might maybe be different today if I had told Lily back then, don\"t you think? However, all of these requirements! Michelle is living, whereas Lily is dead. Also very pleasant is Michelle! In the wheelchair, he is confined! The only person with her is myself, too! My heart is leaning further in the direction of Michelle after considering it today! not simply because she is my wife! She knows everything, but she still loves me so much! And that\"s the reason why I keep falling in love with him! After Lily had departed, Harry remained in his room for a while. I was thinking a lot about Michelle and Lily.

Michelle just then walked into the room with her wheelchair . With some difficulty, Harry raises her.

I spoke to Lily about everything today!
Harry is still focusing on her. , asking, "So what did Lily say? ".

She remained silent despite having tears in her eyes. Michelle said while keeping his eyes on Harry.

She briefly paused before speaking.
"Don\"t you think she was treated unfairly without her knowing it? Neither you nor she are at fault! But ??” While speaking, Michelle paused.

"Michelle, I fully comprehend! I acknowledge that I am to blame her.. after all she suffered just because of me..!"

"Harry, I didn\"t mean it!" As he drew nearer, Mitchell uttered.

"After hearing what you said, do you think I should visit her? That, however, is not going to occur!" Harry mused.

"She is completely in love with you!"

"Don\"t you love me ? "Harry questioned firmly. Michelle doesn\"t speak.

"The most essential thing is that I adore you, Michelle!" Harry\"s eyes started to tear up.

Harry\"s words were followed by a hug from Michelle. For a long period, they each remained in the arms of the other. It was nighttime. Michelle and Harry started getting ready to go back to Paris.

Writing took up all of Lily\"s time. His thoughts had often wandered to meeting Harry in the evening.

"I\"m not sure how to define love, in truth. I can never again forget what love is, though, thanks to Michelle! To remain married for life is to be in love! Love nevertheless endures even when the other person is not present! The colour of love is blind! I cannot find the form! There is only the other person\"s happiness to consider! There hasn\"t been much of this emotion in my story over the past ten years, either! It was heartfelt in that writing.

She kept saying everything that was on her mind over and over again. Then the five o\"clock bell rung.
Lily remained still as she regarded the timepiece. It commenced to halt. In the rush to finish his essay, he couldn\"t recall coming to see Harry. He kept his mouth shut. Here, the phone was ringing. The owner was invisible to him. Fast approaching was half past five. The bell sounded just as Lily was going to open the door and leave. Smith was waiting there as Lily hastily opened the door.

"See how many calls you\"ve made? Why are you not answering?

"Man, sorry! But I\"m a little hurried! How come you are here?"

"No!! I want to travel to the airport! It\"s six o\"clock now! Let\"s move quickly now that you\"ve brought the car! Smith was tugged along as Lily spoke.

They both sat in the vehicle. Everything that Lily had told him. Lily\"s smile showed her excitement to meet Harry. She had the impression that every moment was excessively large.

They both arrive at the airport shortly. Lily literally takes off running. By the time the Smith vehicle is parked, Lily has left.

Lily stares at the clock in her immediate area. It has been past six o\"clock. Lily is dejected as she sits. Keep putting the blame on yourself.

"I finally said to Harry, "I want to meet you," after many years. But I didn\"t do it correctly! What would he have believed? I did not intend to arrive! I don\"t want to see her once more! She thought what? He still cares deeply for me! He only wants me to do right! But what impact will my actions have on his thoughts today? Lily sat morosely contemplating. She was seated and focused on the clock in front of her.

To be continued....

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