Sacrifice For Eternal Love 7.0

Sacrifice For Eternal Love 7.0

Competition : Ira English Bloggers

Topic : Love and relationship (love story)

Series : Sacrifice For Eternal Love

Part no. : Sacrifice For Eternal Love #7.0

After meeting with Harry, Lily returned home, where Sarah and Smith were waiting for her outside.

"Hello, Lily! How are you doing dear ?" Smith approached her and gave her a hug. Sara approached Lily and greeted her.

What\"s taking Lily so long? I\"m fed up with waiting outdoors. Lily heard Sarah say.

I\"m sorry, sweetheart! Oh, I\"m sorry, I went to meet a friend and I\"m late! Before speaking, Lily unlocked the apartment door.

While conversing, they both entered. Sitting on the couch, Sara questioned. "Who did you visit?"

With this query, Lily stayed silent.
Oh, who did you go meet, Sara enquired one more.

After a little interval of silence, Lily spoke, "Harry!"

Smith and Sarah exchanged enquiring glances with one another.

“What?? ? To Harry?


"Oh, but what? and why? I mean!! Oh!! What did he said? Why he wants to meet you..? " Sara began to ask lots of questions.

"Oh, nothing, he was phoning to meet conveniently.!! I haven\"t seen him in a long time! Well, let it go! How did you miss Smith, and how are you guys here at this time?"

"Smith called to tell me that he would give me a surprise and that he would hang out with me tonight even though there was no one home today. is it okay for u..?"

Lily grinned at the two of them.

"So what, dude! What became of asking this?"

For a considerable amount of time, the three of them conversed. sitting in the galleries, lost in the past.

"For the sake of his mother, if he marries Michelle, that is!"

Lily kept quiet. She didn\"t say anything other than a head nod and affirmative responses.

"And you intend to meet with him tomorrow?"

Yes," Lily replied.

Both are kept quite.

Lily again asked to them, "Should I meet him?"

"Then what! Absolutely go, guy! Look, Lily\"s disappearance was not your fault or his fault! to disregard everything and believe there is no one to blame for what is left." Smith said as he lit a cigarette.

He won\"t know what to say to me, though!

To meet, "Forget everything!"

Sara drank a little too much and went to bed early.

Smith and Lily had a lengthy conversation. They talked till after midnight.

Lily was pulled to Harry as the day grew lighter. She didn\"t even consider meeting up again. She now desired to meet Michel as well, though. She was met by Harry as well.

Everything had been planned. Smith left for home first thing in the morning. On the way, he told Lily to meet him there. As a result, Lily left. Her legs wobbled briefly, but she returned her attention to the meeting. It arrived at the specified address quickly. The doorbell rang and then rang again. The door soon opened, and Harry stood in front of it.

"Hello, Lily!! Come on!! please come on..!!
Harry was relieved to see Lily standing in front of him. She entered the house, calling for him to come in. Lily was sitting by herself. She locked her gaze on him for a moment, noticing a photograph of Harry and Michelle on the wall in front of him.

Harry reappeared and resumed his conversation with Lily.
"I hope you are not suffer to got the address!"

"No, I got the address right away!!" Lily spoke quietly.

Both sat and talked for a while. Then someone called Harry, it was Michelle.

Harry walked in and brought her out with wheelchair.

Lily and Michelle come face to face. Lily was speechless. Harry had pushed her in a wheelchair. Michelle can\"t walk. She was aware of it. She was speechless.

“Hii !! "My name is Michelle!!" Michelle, who was sitting in a wheelchair, extended her hand to greet Lily.

“Hi!!” Lily remained speechless.

"I\"ve heard so much about you from Harry!! Michelle said and smiling.

Lily was simply looking at her and responding with a smile. Harry took a step back and looked at Lily. He realised she was at a loss for words with Lily.

"Will join later..!!" Harry then went inside.

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