Sacrifice For Eternal Love 5.0

Sacrifice For Eternal Love

Competition : Ira English Bloggers

Topic : Love and relationship (love story)

Series : Sacrifice For Eternal Love 

Part no. : Sacrifice For Eternal Love #5.0


I apologise deeply. Unexpectedly, a job came up, and I wanted to leave right away, but I afterwards felt that I should have told you. I actually had a lot to say to you. Everything remained confined to the intellect. I'm eager to meet you! can u please meet me once..!

After reading the texts, Lily was unsure of how to respond to Harry. She responded while feeling a small amount of rage.

“No!! I don't want to see you! Sorry!!”

After messaging to Harry, she got reply after much longer time. 

"Only one more time, my dear! I have so much to say!"

"Don't bring up previous recollections once more! I wish you joy in your world! Nothing more is what I want! Again." Lily answered.

"I won't be happy ever if I don't meet you!" She pondered this Harry's message for a while before sending the message once more.

“Okay!! Where are we meeting?

"Let's get together in the same canteen where we used to meet! area near a college! 10:30 in the morning!"


With the assurance that they would see each other tomorrow, Lily let Harry relive his many fond memories. In that ancient canteen, I started to recognise myself. Before my eyes, a lot of photographs started to move. then began to speak.

I remember spending hours in that campus canteen with Harry. Everything happened there...conversations, jokes, and discussions. However, there was no disagreement at all. Wow, what a day, man! For a long time, Lily sat there puffing on a cigarette. Morning had arrived by the time I left the city of memories.

Nine o'clock in the morning was the time, according to Lily's glance at the clock. She soon stood up and began to hold back. Even though she was furious, she couldn't help but be drawn to him by her love.

She also understood that she would never be mean. Though she might feel angry, she also understood that she would be moving toward love. She was too late to flee no matter how hard she tried. Her face was dry from having spent the entire night awake.

The canteen was finally in her reach. Before her, Harry was there. A long period has passed while I waited for it. Inching up to him, Lily.

“Sorry!! Unacceptably tardy! While addressing Harry," Lily spoke.

Before starting to speak, Harry gave her a small smile.

" There's no issue! Just got here, y'all! " Although he has been waiting for a while, he keeps it a secret from her.

The front chair was occupied by Lily. Long periods of silence passed between the two. Suddenly, the canteen's waiter entered and said. 

“Sir!! You've been seated here for three hours already! Place an order right away! "

"Two coffees! "Harry exclaimed after a brief moment of confusion.

The waiter then went out.

Lily simply observes Harry. Harry started speaking without pausing since she understood what he was trying to communicate.

"In ten years, how much has changed?"

Lily did not speak; she only gave Harry a single glance.

"How have you been these ten years, and where have you been? I was completely ignorant. I didn't try to find out, anyway. But I became so absorbed in myself that I lost track of you. Harry gave an honest account of himself.

"What is the purpose of our current gathering, then? " Curtly, Lily enquired.

"These ten years have seen a lot of accumulation! You're full with memories! You are, too!"

To be continued....

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