Jan 17, 2021


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माझ्या मनाला

 नेहमी प्रश्न पडतो की असं का होतं,

माणसं एकमेकांजवळ येतात,

ऋणानुबंध तयार होतात,

जीवनात असं काही वादळ येतं,

की ती एकमेकांपासून दूरावतात,

पण त्या वेळच्या गोड आठवणी,

कायम ऋदयात घर करून राहतात,

ज्यावेळी एकांतात या आठवणींना उजाळा देतो,

तेव्हा प्रत्येक वेळी जगण्याची नवी दिशा मिळते.


रुपाली थोरात 



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रूपाली रोहिदास थोरात

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I love to read and write , from my college time, I am writing poems, whenever thoughts come in mind ,I wrote it in words, but no platform to share with others . when I saw this site, I got a platform to share my thoughts and views with all, Thanks to Era creators to giving me such a wonderful platform as well inspiring new writers, Hope all of you will enjoy our journey of reading and writing and will give comments to encourage me . also suggestions are welcome by me so that I can improve because always we are learners at the end of our life. Rupali Thorat