Mar 02, 2024


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RAM was living in Haunted village since 1985.
It was one sunny afternoon,where one lady asked him,"Hey dude!please tell me the way,how to go to river Ganga?

RAM said,"By doing pure,True Bhakti of goddess Ganga".Very funny!Oh boy!tell me fast or otherwise,i will eat you.Mam,i am new to this place.What?Then you should tell me in the beginning itself.

Mam,you don't like my simple answer.Calling Husband!Calling Husband!.Her husband pick up her call on Nokia J34 cell phone.He told her ,"Wife,how can I help you?Husband,you need to put one guy in Trauma.Wife give him phone.Husband told RAM,"Hey mate,what's your problem?I am on chat process.So you want to ask our backend team for any query.

Ah! No bro!By the way,nice shirt.What's your rashee?Mate,you eat lobster and drink on weekends?No bro!iam doing dieting.I eat only Vada pav and Misal pav.Husband,you show him your power?Yes!Wife.Mate,let's go for evening dinner in a nearby restaurants.You will see only good people in that area.Hardship of life will get reduced,if you stay away from controversy.You will find media all around you.
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Jitendra Yadav


Good people is like gems whom we can't find easily in today's world