Oct 21, 2020

My thoughts of Happiness

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My thoughts of Happiness

What is happiness? No I am not giving any definition because each and every person  have different meaning of it. I believe everyone has rights to be happy in their own terms. No one can blame you for that.
If talking on my thought of Happiness, I think it’s big world for me. It’s actually a small world in this big world. But I feel that small world is big for me. Happiness is something where I can find peace of mind. Painting,  writing,  cooking,  planting trees and many more. I really find that peace. 
Sometimes I just want to stay alone. I don’t want anyone to disturb me. Why? Because it’s my space. And I feel if you want your space like this then it’s your choice. If people call me selfish for that then I am selfish. 
You will actually call me stupid if I tell you that I love to fight. I love to fight with my dear ones. Because sometimes you should not hide your feelings. I can say what I want to say. No fear at all. That doesn’t mean that I always fight. Expressing your thoughts in a way as you want, and after that when you find emptiness within you , I feel happy.
Some great people like social workers,  doctors, soldiers etc find their true soul when they do things for others.  I am not like them. Or I can say my work is not that much. Like mothers I like to make others happy. But sometimes they only sacrifice the things. I am not denying that sacrifice is a one part of happiness. But doing something just for yourself is also necessary. 
I just want to do the things when I actually want  it to happen. If I feel someone is taunting me about that then my mind just throw away people from my comfort zone.
I am not here to give any psychological advise. It’s all in our mind. How we think and how we behave? Ya. People around us always play important roles to change your mood. And that’s why I actually don’t want people when it’s ‘me time’.
Indian culture is so inspiring  because of its festivals. Celebrating any festival with all your efforts and dear ones give me deep and  best feelings. Doing Pooja, decorating your house, preparing food everything is so special for me.
I also like to wear nice clothes accordingly. Not just traditional but western clothes also. Then similar makeup for each occasion. Because it gives me confidence and make me feel how beautiful I am when I see myself in mirror. 
You know what when you get salary or the money from your hard work, I feel proud that I can spend it on me without any hesitation. Its actually a great feeling when you work yourself and earn for that. It’s not about man or woman. It’s like no one can say you that “ You depend on me".
I feel so calm when I see little sparrow singing  in Morning in my window, my plant grow taller and they gives flowers, when my house is so clean and their is no work left, when I completed all my office work, when I got salary,  when I keep ‘Diva’ in front of my ‘Devhara', when I see my sister’s babies and their smiles, little fights, when I find fresh vegetables,  when I draw some great painting, when I sleep in my mother’s arms, when she give me awesome food to eat, when I talk to my friends, when I see any child in train smiling at you, when my husband express his love, when rain drops comes directly on my face, when someone somewhere do excellent job for our society, when I read Maruti Stotra, Ganpati Stotra and many more...
How I can explain what I feel when there is deep happiness inside my mind. May be my thinking is small but I can definitely say one thing when you find peace you will find happiness. If you find happiness  means you are alive.