Jan 23, 2021

Mind Management

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Mind Management

Our biggest and worst enemy lives inside of us which is nothing but the inner world of our own mind. It's primary function is to generate thoughts continuously 24 X 7. We often perform actions against those thoughts. Good thought will always lead to good action and bad thought will lead to bad action. The results of our action cause happiness or misery.


When we nurture negative thoughts in a mind,  It impacts on our physical health and every aspect of our life. If we are thinking good thoughts it will naturally heal our body and will generate positive vibes. 

Each one of us wants to become a great human being, Each one of us wants to live a happy and joyful life, Each one of us wants to be productive in an office, but not everyone gets succeed. So what is the reason behind? The reason is the state of successful and unsuccessful peoples receptive minds.

 Along with project, program-portfolio, financial and time management, we also need to focus on mind management. IT jobs are naturally stressful than others. We need to learn to manage our own mind. Unfortunately, our academic eco system does not support mind management. Mind Management is often tagged as religious or psychological. 

In an office if your colleague said, it looks like you are not feeling well you stare at him or her, you smiled and ignored him or her. Coincidentally, another colleague said the same thing to you , now most likely with these two incidents chances are you may end up with the gloomy for most part of the day which will impact your happiness and productivity for the day.

The need of the hour is to learn Mind Management to improve your thought process and turn the mind as your best friend. If someone succeeds in it, then nothing is impossible in this world!