Kitchen Management- Every Working Woman Must Know


Kitchen Management- Every Working Woman Must Know

Hello all ladies reading this. Being woman isn’t that Easy. You need to manage every little thing at house; right from family expenses to Excel sheets at Work. Sometimes it’s really tough to manage all and you end up being exhausted at the end of the day which directly going to affect your health.

Sometimes small steps make your way easy and Comfortable. Doing Smart management is always a better option. Here I am sharing easy quick tips how to manage your cooking. Because every day you get up in the morning and the biggest question is what to cook.

Let me share some easy tips for you.

  1. Plan your meal for  a week on Weekend :

       It may sound boring to plan meals on weekend but trust me it makes huge difference on your Working days. Simple step is Plan your “grocery shopping day” first.

Let’s take an example, if you shop grocery on Sunday, you make planning till Saturday.

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2. Planning is always better than getting late to office:

             Plan little early so you can help yourself getting work done fast. For example if you refer above mention table, if you are planning to make sprouts for next day you must soak before prior time. This table will help you to plan things and not getting late to office.

Description: assorted vegetables

3. Stock up instant Food:

Sometimes planning will not be possible, for that have a plan B. Stock up instant Food like instant Noodles, Oats etc.

Description: vegetable salad on stainless steel bowl

4. Use technology:

Lot of user friendly and devices that makes your work easy are coming into the market. Invest some amount to save your time in kitchen isn’t a bad idea.

Description: sliced vegetables beside knife

5. Time Management:

                     I feel this is the key factor in kitchen when you want output efficient and fast. When  it comes to Indian Food – the process of cooking is time consuming. For example: if you are planning to cook rice for dinner. Put rice immediately after you reach home, same case with Potato boiling.

Description: turned on gray alarm clock displaying 10:11

Here are really basic tips you can use to save you time. Looking forward to write more tips in upcoming blogs. If you like the tips mention in the comments.