Mar 02, 2024

What Interests You About This Role ?

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What Interests You About This Role ?

Question What interests you about this role ?

Sample 1 


I am attracted to this position because not only do I believe I can add value to your business in the role but I love the fact you have a robust set of values and your mission is one that I think I can help you achieve through my knowledge , expertise and attributes .

Sample 2

I am interested in this job for several reasons . My educational background and qualifications are geared towards this industry . This proves and have a genuine passion for this type of work and I am strong believe if you are passionate about something your productivity level increase significantly .

Sample 3

I am also interested in this position because I feel my expertise and skills can help your company grow . Being a creative person I am very good at coming up with new ideas and I think I can add significant value to the team I am interested in this position because your company is clearly innovative and forward thinking . We spend a lot of time work .

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