Mar 02, 2024

7 Short Interview Question / Answers

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7 Short Interview Question / Answers
Question 1) Tell me about yourself ?

Answer I am a pooja ranga and I am from rohtak haryana . I am recently doing BBA from vanish engineering . I am hardworking , self motivated and optimistic person who always to learn new skills .

Question 2 ) What is your strengths ?

Answer My strength is my communication skills . I love interacting with different people and have patience to listen to them . Many people approach me to take decision as they believe , I can analyze things better .

Question 3 ) What is your weaknesses ?

Answer I trust many people very easily sometimes it hurts me because i feel cheated but many times this habit also help me make good friends for my life .

Question 4 ) Why do you need a job ?

Answer From new onwards I want to take my responsibilities hence I need a job . I need a job because it is a role that I am very passionate about and I see my long term career in this position .

Question 5 ) How much salary do you expect ?

Answer Being a fresher , what I am looking at is experience hence I want to go as company norms .

Question 6 ) Why should I hire you ?

Answer You should hire me because I need a plateform to prove my skills , knowledge and talent . I am a very quick learner .

Question 7 ) How did you hear about this position ?

Answer I have held a keen interest in your company for several months how and I have been on the lookout for this role to be advertised . In make sure I was notified as soon as the position was advertised , I kept a daily check on the local job boards .
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