Dec 06, 2021

Hate letter -P6

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Hate letter -P6

❤️ ईरा दिवाळी अंक 2021 ❤️

मर्यादित प्रति.. आजच बुक करा खालील फॉर्म भरून..

That was the first touch where both of them were at the same place with same feelings. Questions remains - what will ajay do with that number in his pocket.

After that night, it was easiness between these two teens. Srushti was comfortable around Ajay and Ajay wanted to be around her all the time. It became a routine that every day after school both started to have lunch together at Ajay’s house and Srushti will laugh like a crazy person. Ajay made sure that Srushti smiles all the time. He gave his best to get that laugh and to get that hi-5 every time they completed each other’s’ sentences.

One fine day in monsoon, there was heavy rains both ajay and Srushti were soaked wet - It was tough to get to the home from school and unfortunately Ajay was no longer a school student he was waiting for his school admission results. On that day, his eyes were looking out only for Srushti. He waited for hours still Srushti did not come for lunch, he decided to visit her at this home and when it was raining cats and dogs, somehow he thought that it was a good idea to get his bicycle out and visit Srushti’s home there he got to know that Srushti did not come back from school only. She is stuck at her school. Ajay was concerned for her. He cared for her that day for the first time other that teen hormones there were other feeling evolving inside him for her. Finally, Ajay went to school to pick her up and like a champ he got her home safe. Srushti was impressed. It was easy to hold him on that bicycle tight and they soaked wet. In the see-through white school uniform Srushti was soaking wet then Ajay noticed her with her care and gave her his jacket to cover herself. That was the first gesture of care. Srushti decided to express her feeling to him on that same day. She cleaned herself and had lunch in the evening (sad for her). She was waiting rain to stop but it was in vain. It rained for days and schools were closed for that week. There was no way Ajay and Srushti can meet each other that week. Srushi was always waiting for Ajay’s call or at least a chance to visit him. But nothing worked out that week. On that weekend, when rain stopped, Srushti decided to visit Ajay for breakfast. It was common in that galli to kids have food with each other, it was a friendly neighborhood where people share portions of food with neighbors first in the morning. Srushti asked her mom and got her breakfast plate to Ajay’s house. Ajay was on the call with Nimi. She was the girl from his uncle’s town, who had feeling for ajay. But Srushti was not sure about Ajay’s feeling for Nimi or for herself for that matter. While having breakfast with other kids on the porch, she heart his conversation with Nimi and Ajay was same with Nimi as he was with Srushti. Ajay made Nimi laugh as well and he was sweet to her. May be sweeter that he was ever with Srushti.

With wet eyes Srushti left Ajay’s place without even seeing him. Ajay wanted to talk to her after his landline call with Nimi. But his efforts were in vain. Srushti was sad and she understood that she was not a special friend to him. She decided with anger that she will never talk to Ajay anymore. Again it took weeks for them even to be present in the same room. They met on Srushti’s birthday party after so long and she was all dolled up to celebrate her birthday. Ajay came to her house with biscuit packets (It kind of is tradition). Ajay saw her from the door and he was in awe of her. His exact thoughts were “how a small packet can look so pretty”. Srushti decided to move on and not to concentrate on Ajay anymore but less they knew it was her last birthday in that galli. Ajay wished Srushti on birthday and he called her “chasmish” and it was really long handshake for a birthday wish. Ajay was looking at Srushti constantly and made sure that she is laughing the whole evening. It was his gift to her.

Ajay was waiting for a chance to talk to Srushti in private but all his attempts to get her to terrace failed. Srushti did not notice his attempts as well. Ajay asked his vikas bhaiya to get her but that was also a failure. Complete evening his eyes were on her with a beautiful smile.

After the birthday cake cutting, Srushti’s dad announced to their galli that her family is moving to other end of town and they will move out that month end and suddenly the first thought Srushti had was to look at his beloved Ajay. She saw him with a question mark in her eyes but somehow Ajay was calm and gave her a million dollar smile which calmed her down as well. After that news, game is reversed now Srushti is waiting for ajay to meet. She somehow gathered all her confidence and asked him to come inside the room and asked him why is he been distant to her lately. He laughed and hugged her, he whispered in her ears “It is you who stopped looking at me but don’t worry, I am mad. It is your birthday ”. Wow, Ajay was player. In that hug Srushti found her calm, she found that comma which was the most missing part in her life. She was small but super smart and fast and may too emotionally too matured for her own good. She needed a pause in her fast life to breath and calm herself and she got it on her birthday in his arms. Even before she can ask anything else, Vikas came into room and asked them to come out as party is about to finish and people are looking for birthday girl.

That was it. There last meeting at Srushti’s house.

❤️ ईरा दिवाळी अंक 2021 ❤️

मर्यादित प्रति.. आजच बुक करा खालील फॉर्म भरून..
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