Dec 06, 2021

Hate letter -P5

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Hate letter -P5

❤️ ईरा दिवाळी अंक 2021 ❤️

मर्यादित प्रति.. आजच बुक करा खालील फॉर्म भरून..

Because they lived in same galli, there was no escape from each other. Ajay and Srushti met each other occasionally but they were never the same. Ajay was happy after getting good grades in his board exams and srushi was happy to get into division ‘B’ even though she did not study well and wasted her holidays in distracting her mind and heart from ajay.

After the ajay’s board results, there were summer holidays and this last one year hit them hard. Srushti started to look like a girl with figure. She was fair, small, cute and hot. Ajay was tall, fair and his innocence in his smile and eyes was to die for. In those summer holidays, ajay went to his uncle’s house to spend time and he started to like one girl from his uncle’s town. Srushti was busy looking like a girl, learning how to cook, how to do house chores and attending relative weddings. Her parents wanted to show her off to relatives so that someone will notice her and send rishta for her.


That night was awfully nice. After a really hot day, there was a cold breeze in the air. Ajay was back from his uncle’s home, with a girl’s landline number and Srushti was travelling back from her relative’s wedding. This happens in Indian town galli that you keep your house keys with your neighbor.  As it was late and everyone was very tired from all wedding rituals and travelling, everyone thought it was good idea to send Srushti to ajay’s home to get keys. Srushti agreed to it because she knew ajay won’t be at home. She managed her dupatta and tried to make a hair bun. With that fair skin she was gifted with red golden straight hair which shines in full moon light and because she was back from wedding, she wore a lehenga of black and red color with green bangles and every gold jewelry possible in India was on her. She was looking so beautiful that any guy would want to see her messy hair bun and  waist then kiss her. In that messy but hot attire she went to ajay’s home to get her house keys. She shouted his name only, may be it was from heart or she did it on purpose to check if he is in but to her surprise he was at home, opened the door.

There it was the magical meeting which led to love, lust and hate.

Ajay opened the door expecting to see Srushti after months but having another girl’s landline number in pocket ????. Srushti saw ajay and he immediately smiled at her, after a long time she saw the same light and longing in his eyes. Somehow managing her dupatta she smiled back at him. Srushti almost forgot to ask him about the keys and she was lost in that light and ajay was speechless. He just stared at her and looked her from top to bottom without a blink. He was mesmerized by her youth… by her smile… by her messy hair.

It took them 2 minutes to catch a breath and speak to each other. Atleast to ask for keys. Srushi just uttered a word “house keys” and ajay came to back to his senses and he checked back with his mom to get the keys. He was back at the door in few seconds only. He gave keys to srushi but hold her hands and srushi skipped her heartbeat in that second. Ajay felt warmth for her hands and took a deep breath with a smile at her ????.

❤️ ईरा दिवाळी अंक 2021 ❤️

मर्यादित प्रति.. आजच बुक करा खालील फॉर्म भरून..
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