Mar 02, 2024

H3N2 symptoms

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H3N2 symptoms

A different fever was felt for the past few days. I have had fever before but this fever felt very different. One by one, everyone in the house got infected, they said it's always the case. In that, after Corona, immunity lowered. Pills took time to heal, weakness is still there. One by one heard about this fever all around. "viral everywere" everyone started saying. Then it came to know, it is H2N3 virus. What individual viruses are born with, anyway. So some information about this virus.

H2N3 symptoms

H2N3 H2N3 influenza A virus

Symptoms of H2N3 H2N3 influenza A virus

1. Sore throat

2. Cold

3. Fever

4. Cough

5. Weakness

6. Chills.

Even if the fever is cured, weakness persists for many days. Some have no fever but cough and body aches. It would not be right to ignore these symptoms, because we take them out on the body, we constantly avoid treatment as pills, but this disease should not be made crazy. If the case increases, this disease can be fatal.

h2n3 virus structure

1. Any virus is structurally composed of genetic material inside and protein coat outside.

2. These proteins contain 2 important components- called HA (Hemagglutinin) and NA (Neuraminidase). These are the proteins that determine the subtypes of the influenza virus

Differences between H1N1 and H3N2-

H1N1 and H3N2 are subtypes of influenza A virus.


The protein coat is composed of H1 (hemagglutinin1) and N1 (neuraminidase1).


The protein coat is composed of H3 (hemagglutinin3) and N2 (neuraminidase2).


Visit the nearest hospital quickly. Take whatever medicine they give and relax.

A doctor may prescribe the following medicines,

oseltamivir, zanamivir, peramivir, and baloxavir

But this is not only what they will give, what is given should be taken.

get well soon dude !

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