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Gyanam (Inspirational And Health Knowledge)

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Gyanam (Inspirational And Health Knowledge)
God does not bless you by fasting and worshiping in temple, mosque, church, church etc. God blesses you by the good deeds you do. One may belong to any religion, any caste, but he is a human being. Similarly, if the dowry system continues, one day half of the boys' population will remain unmarried. If trees and plants are completely finished from the world, then one day the earth will also take the form of Venus. If a girl is married below the age of 18, the child born is at risk. There are no ghosts, past lives and zombies in the world. The existence of all these is only the imagination of man. By not consuming meat and eggs, you are saved from many types of diseases. Doing good is good and doing bad is bad, it depends on you what you want. By watching obscene videos and pictures, it is effective in reducing your intellectual ability to work, ability to concentrate, physical weakness, obstruction of success and mentally ill. Knowledge cannot be taken away, knowledge can be gained. Luck can be made good by doing good deeds. Rinsing after eating food removes the food stuck in your teeth and keeps your teeth clean and healthy. Consuming garlic and medicine together can cause a reaction on the body. By consuming celery, all the small worms present in your stomach come out through stool. Foods that are the main sources of protein are gram dal, roti, moong, soyabean etc. Getting 8 hours of sleep every day keeps the mind and body in good shape. 8 hours of sleep can be called complete sleep. There is no benefit in worrying or being tense. Seeing nature makes your mind happy. Covering food items and water containers well helps to avoid contamination of your water and food. Wounds or injuries heal quickly in the open environment. Mustard oil heals the torn part of the leather. If there is keratolysis, it can be cured by applying mustard oil on that part. Whatever is stressing or bothering you. By writing that thing down on the page, your mind becomes light. Helping everyone in good deeds, saving someone's life, doing good deeds, sharing knowledge etc. is religion. Having some goal in life makes life fun. You feel good doing your work with full honesty. The one who solves any issue without fighting is wise. One who is capable of marrying should only love. Business goes on, with good and durable goods, what we see with our eyes can sometimes be misunderstood. People will remember you by your good deeds. You keep working hard and trying until you succeed. By merging the body in the soil, the possibility of increasing air pollution is greatly reduced. By always believing in non-violence, many kinds of crises can be avoided. By turning off the burning bulb or covering your eyes with a cloth while sleeping at night, the eyes and brain can be saved from being affected by the bright light of the bulb. Growing trees and plants keeps the mind calm, happy and the mind fresh. Growing trees and plants, giving them abundant water and seeing trees and plants daily keeps the mind and brain healthy. Many types of diseases can be avoided by not consuming more salt-rich or sugar-rich food. To overcome the problem of water, more and more trees and plants should be grown and more and more dobhas, dams, ponds, wells and dams should be constructed. Because trees and plants bring rain towards them. There is no soul in the world, the soul is just a human imagination. The storage of the mind is infinite. Choose the subject which you like and the subject which you like to read and write, only then you can be successful. There is a possibility of damage and explosion of the battery of the mobile by using the given mobile charge. It would be a mistake to underestimate the opposition in the game. Good things happen to you by supporting good deeds. You can avoid dire consequences by not keeping carnivorous or poisonous animals. The names of Bhagwan, God, Allah, Ishwar are different, but God is one. Sins are not washed away by bathing in the Ganges, sins are washed away by doing good deeds. Killing or sacrificing any animal brings unrest, sadness, sorrow and distress in your life. Teasing any animal can prove to be dangerous. Money earned from good deeds will bring you happiness, peace and profit. Dishonesty, theft, violence, lies and gambling put a man in many kinds of trouble. Excess of greed, greed puts a person in many kinds of troubles. If you believe you can succeed, you can succeed. To inflict pain upon oneself or to end one's life by oneself is to commit sin. Repenting after making a mistake is of no use. The main reason for climate change is the decreasing population of trees and plants. Human beings get knowledge by seeing, listening, reading and writing. We should enjoy the life that God has given us. God cannot be seen, God is invisible. Difficult possible task is easy to say, difficult to do but not impossible. Lies will keep you trapped, truth will save you from being trapped. The result of good work is always good. Every tree and plant is auspicious, it depends on you what you consider it to be. There are no ghosts in the world, ghosts are mere imagination of man. By paying attention to the good things and not paying attention to the bad things, you can lead a good life. You cannot rectify the mistake made, but you can avoid repeating that mistake. No possible task is impossible. The best food for living beings is fruits, vegetables and seeds and the foods made from them. By telling or sharing your sorrow, anxiety with someone, your mind becomes light and it is also possible that the solution to your problem will also be found. Every day is auspicious, it is up to you what you make of that day. Violence always ends badly for everyone. Violence and anger lead a man to troubles. By making crackers electronically, air pollution can be reduced to a great extent. Air pollution can be reduced to a great extent by manufacturing battery operated vehicles. Instead of memorizing the speech, it is better to make the speech yourself, because of this you do not have the problem of forgetting the speech. The age of many trees can be more than 1000 years. Sometimes you have to walk alone to get success. Parents always want the best for their children. A man looks more beautiful than makeup when he smiles. The greater the hard work and effort, the greater will be the success. Life becomes happy by spending every time and every moment with happiness. Helping out with good deeds makes you feel good and is good with you. The litterateur should create such literature, so that humans can get the right information. There is no magic in the world, magic is just the imagination of man. Future is made by reading and writing and future is also made by playing and jumping. Agriculture and trade have always been open to all. To compose literature, it is necessary to read literature. Sometimes good prayers are accepted. It is better than memorizing, you read or write it, it will not make you difficult and you will get knowledge and information. What has happened cannot be changed. If a person praises another person in front of him, then that person's spirits increase and he feels good. Your art can also make your future. By watching porn videos it will lead you towards humiliation. Your hard work and effort in good works will lead you towards success. The secret of success of great men, scientists, mathematicians, artists is that they kept working hard and trying until they succeeded. We should take only that much loan which we can repay. By discriminating between high and low, you distance yourself from other people. Foreign trade connects one country to another and good relations are formed. Those who always try hard and do good deeds, luck is always with them. By saving or helping the life of any animal, happiness, peace, happiness and prosperity comes in your life. Helping in a good deed, saving lives, making people laugh, sharing happiness, sharing knowledge, growing trees etc. can be called good deeds. We should never give up in life. To sacrifice or kill an animal is to commit sin. Whatever goods you go to offer to idols, mosques, churches, temples... etc. of people who do good deeds, God will be pleased if you don't offer those things to etc. and give them to the needy people or the poor. Comparing yourself to someone else can make you depressed. Whatever people say to you, let them say just keep doing your work, you will definitely succeed one day. Suicide and infanticide of lakhs of girls can be prevented by not taking dowry. A man cannot become a snake or a serpent, it is only a man's imagination to become a snake or a serpent. Students are putting their own future in darkness by stealing in the examination. By not causing sorrow, pain, suffering to anyone, you can lead a dry life. People get into trouble in many ways by telling lies. Dreams come to us only of those, which we see with our eyes. Possible work is possible and impossible work is impossible, we consider only possible work as impossible. A living being is born once, lives once and dies once.
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