Mar 02, 2024

Freelancing Work From Home

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Freelancing Work From Home

In the age of internet there are many platforms where we can earn money by doing online jobs. Some of these sites are as follows:

Some of these sites are as follows:
This is a local site where many projects are posted. Many companies in India prefer to do their small and big jobs on contract rather than full time workers. People from all over the country post their jobs on this site. The feature of this site is that jobs are given and taken at a very fast pace. Every second you will see some new project enquiry.
This is the most top site and it is not usually possible to signup quickly on this site, for that you need to have strong skills and experience. But once your profile is approved, you can get projects in big countries. On this site you have to make your profile by uploading your portfolio i.e. the work you have done, in a way we advertise your skills and the right customer can reach you.
Graphic design and some other projects are in demand on this site. Following are some important things before starting online work:
1. You should accurately and well represnt your information.

2. You should also add the work you have done before as a sample.

3. You can get projects from content writing, data entry, c#, c++, java, moodle, whiteboard animation, logo design to powerpoint presentation.

4. "Bid" option: bid means bidding on a given project, if you are new then put the lowest price. While bidding, you are asked how you will do the work in how many days and how much money.

5. A task should be completed within the given deadline, these tasks are very professional, there is no excuse.

6. When talking with the client, the language should be practical, not trivial, vague and asking constant questions.

7. Ask for money from the client through escrow, he said that if he gives it to the bank account, he should avoid it, otherwise the money will be lost.

Escrow means that the client puts the money on the site before the project starts, if the work is not approved, neither of them can withdraw it.

8. Bid only if there is work, time and you believe.
9. If you don\"t have any skill, you can learn it from the internet and make a sample and then bid for the project.

10. There are huge opportunities on these sites for IT people.

11. Money coming from other countries is more. E.g. If the US project is in USD, Australia is in AUD (Australian Dollar), accordingly one can bid more for that project. I am giving this information from my experience in this field, if anyone has any problem then ask in comment.


Apart from this, you can earn through blogging. Yiu need a website to do this, see how create a website here Create a website in less than 10 minutes

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