Mar 02, 2024


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How everything gets replaced these days, doesn\"t it? Earlier teachers used to teach with chalk on the blackboard, now it has been replaced by whiteboard. Change is constant, but one such change in education is e-learning. What is e-learning? So study itself, just through different means. Like from video, audio, stories, games etc. All this study is done through computer is elearning.

When we were in Kindergarten, by looking at the picture in the book and listening to the story that the teacher would tell us, we used to visualize the picture, but now the students see the animation before their eyes, the whole story stands in front of their eyes exactly as it is. This is eLearning.

But just as it has its advantages, it also has its disadvantages. The brain refuses to understand something difficult, because the mind is not used to straining to understand the thing.

Perhaps this is the reason for the lack of reading among children these days. They don\"t want to read something and see that picture in front of their eyes. They prefer to watch a video. What do you think about this? Let us know on mail and don't forget to mention your country [email protected]

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