Challenge Accepted!

Just a Reality Check

We encounter so many things everyday. Some are doable, some are not. Some we find difficult, some super easy. Some we do without much thinking, some we take a lot of time to think over. But do we ever just sit and think that why I am not able to do a particular thing? What is stopping me? People do have reasons for not doing something but are you not in a way underestimating yourself by providing various reasons or giving excuses? 
Think over it.. 
Few things are viewed as problems by us. Few are taken up as challenges. It's all about our perspective. When we face a problem, fear, stress, tension etc. are the first few emotions we go through. Whereas when somebody challenges us or when we face a challenge, we get highly motivated and inspired. Aren't these positive vibes? Our perspective makes a huge difference. Why don't we just take up every problem as a challenge? Whenever someone challenges us, we just get charged up, we become completely ready to overcome it. Why? (kyuki baat self esteem, self ego pe jo aa jati hai) 
Then what happens when you face a problem?  Why don't we have the same courage, the same fire while facing any problem?  Because...  WE let the problem control us which ultimately surrounds us with negative environment and vibes. It is we who view and approach to it in a negative manner. On the other hand, if we just change our perspective and start taking every problem as a challenge, that's definitely going to bring about a change. You will not only be surrounded by positive vibes but you will also become strong enough to face any problem and overcome every challenge easily. It's often said, be positive, stay positive..  Then why not behave positive?  Why not take our problems positively?
Every thing if we start accepting as a challenge, that's going to give us strength and power, that will boost our confidence and courage. So whatever the problem be, just say Challenge Accepted! 

(Life will become better and easier to deal with!)