Breakup life

Every person after breakup has a great fall in life. He/she goes in depression. But they don't understand that love is such a small part of our life. There are many thing other than it. So try brushing your good point to rather regretting your failu

Life doesn't depends on one person. Why that one person becomes so important to you when he says these three words "I LOVE YOU ".
Yup,  there are some relationship which are too strong but I am talking the one which doesn't last for a year.  If we think about everything from starting,  our parents who are therewith us everytime day night from 21 years. They care about us day and night. When we are not well, they sacrifice their sleep and take care of us and still what we say "MY PARENTS CAN'T UNDERSTAND ME." Than how can a boy/girl know about you everything in just a year.  And if he knows you than your parents too.
Four five talks about that person makes you happy,  butterfly starts dancing. But what when he/she leaves you at that time does he/she thinks about you and your feelings.  Some may say yes some may say no. 
But when that person doesn't care about you why are you caring.  Just cry once. Cry so hard that after that there should be no tears for him/her again. Try to be open,just call once and say what's in your mind let it be wrong or right don't think about it. Let he/she understands what you feel. After that focus on yourself. 
Breakup doesn't means end of the life. New life starts from there. There are lot many thing to do. You may take some time to move on from this difficult time says 4 to 6 months take your time but ones done don't think about it again. And focus on your career there are lot many things other than relationship. 
A relationship is 1/100 part of our whole life but we sometimes think life ends when someone hurts you.  It's not soo. There is different world other than love. 
 so pull-up ur socks and start a new beginning with new spirit and enthusiasm which will for sure gonna make everyone proud