A letter written to my husband from wife

A love letter

Dear husband,
Today on this 5 th anniversary of ours, I take this pride in saying that I am truly blessed to have these 5 years.. Everything seems same yet different in so many ways..these 5 years only witnessed growth and strength in this bond. A bond so pure, so true, so tender as it grows.
I still get goosebumps when I think of our first meet in 12th grade while I was sitting on the corner bench of our class in those two Chottis and busy staring at you.
But then finally one day you noticed that. And finally, one day heart ran out of tears when you finally took courage to open up your heart and propose me in front of the college. How do i thank you for this? And I made you wait for 1 year for the reply.. that wasn't because I was not sure of your love. But I wanted to make this bond stay so strong that finally one day I am capable to write this kind of letter to you.
However, its least expected to love someone with a constraint mind,a shy person who is not much talkative. but, you changed my life. thankyou for converthing me in a extrovert. also, how do i forget the struggles during our marriage? that was a typical daily soap drama. but its rightly said, " if you love someone, entire universe works to make it true".
but, i have few complaints like every next wife. in this sky, full of sun shines, i had a dark cloud in my life for one year. the point when u started proving me wrong. 24 hours, busy in your work, never gave me time, everything was confined to yourself, regular Fights, and at one point this was usual. but its so true that everyone has his day. coin flipped and then there was complete lockdown. i totally agree with all the effects that lockdown brought. but somewhere for us, it strengthened our relation.
keeping all the bad vibes behind. i wish those days never come back and  when it comes to supporting, remember i always have your back ne it in days of sunshine or in days of thunders.
also you might wonder what made me write this letter, when i could say it directly on face. I might fall short of tears if i try to say it all in reality.
although, I agree that justice is not done in writing this letter as well. Words are not enough to express my feelings. however with the best of what i could manage, i hope these felling have somewhere touched your hearts.
Your loving,