24th Anniversary of my parents

It's my mom dad 25th Anniversary

Today its my mom and dad 24th anniversary. 24 years of together is one of the best acheivment. For me marriage is the turning point of ones life. Because being a girl leaving my family and getting settled to some other family which you don't know is most difficult job. Leaving the loved ones who were their entire time, in all my good and bad time will not be around me.I Know some may say that you are just going to other place they will still be with you in your hard time but these two has a large difference. I alway have a question in mind that why only girl leave the house why can’t a boy do so? And all has same answer these are our rituals which our ancestor had made. Fine with it.....

Lets talk about my mom dad marriage life.

It was an arrange marriage. Both the family meet each other. They had a talk and they fix the marriage. But the funniest part was my mom and dad hadn't even seen each other. It seems so funny for todays generation but at that time girls and boys would accept whatever their parents would tell them. And the marriage to fixed.

It was a public group marriage of 18 couples arranged by local organisations. With the great efforts of my grandparents the marriage was completed successfully.

After few days of marriage my dad came to Mumbai for his job because he has newly join the job and it was not possible for him to take alot of holiday. He left my mom to native place and travelled to Mumbai. After many more days when he didn't return she travelled to Mumbai. This was the first time she travelled to Mumbai. She was not having any knowledge about how the Mumbai is. But still she travelled.

My dad was not stable at that time. But still they handled all the problems very well. He got job in Mahindra.But the wages that he use to gets from the company was not sufficient for all the daily needs so he use to do a part time job at night. And combining all this amount he use to satisfy our needs.

Today my family has each and everything. All the happiness are at our feets. But there are many more sacrifice my parents had made for this day to arise. There was one time when my family use to struggle for each penny they earned. The daily thing that now a day we bring of monthly was not possible to bring that time but still they managed everything. After few months my dad got job in BARC. This was the great turning point of their both life.And during all this time my mom was there like a shadow with him. How a shadow alway follws the person like that she followed him. I believe that all this good things had happened when my mom came in his life. She filled most of the beautiful colours in his life.

This was not a end, he studied alot and got promoted to higher levels gradually. And achieve this place and happiness. Finally I would like to say a marriage is successful only when both the wheels of vehicle travel with same speed to run smoothly. Same way my mom and dad did. I know they will continue to do the same for their entire life.

Happy Anniversary to you both. I hope we celebrate silver jubilee with all the family next year. And many more jubilee ahead. Hope you have healthy and prosperous life ahead. And alot of blessings from God.

I would like to end with a quote that, “You are the parents that all kids hope to have, you are the couple that all lovers hope to have and you both are the pillars of support that every family wishes it have. Happy anniversary to the best parents ever.”

Bhagyashree Thorat