11 things you must do before turning 25.

Shout out to all women who rise together, Grow together and shine together.

Being woman you were always pointed out by people for having huge dreams or being passionate about something. In the era of stereotypes it’s very important to live our own life, make our own choices and be independent.

Here are 10 things you must do before you turn 25.

  1.  Get an income source no matter how small it is:

Being financial independent is most important thing. You don’t need to beg a man to buy your 100$ lipstick or that dress you liked a lot on street. No matter how small  Income is, have minimum one income source.

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2. Do that one thing you always wanted to do when you were child:

We all have our childhood dream; it could be being an astronaut or be a dancer or a singer. Follow your hobby which will give you peace of mind.

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3. Change your Style for a while:

It could be the brave decision from having long haircut to short hair. Get bangs once in a lifetime. Color your Hair. Try fashion that you have never tried before.

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4. Travel alone:

Travelling teaches you lot of things in life and gives  you myriad experiences.

Not necessarily abroad but travel nearby places on your own

which will give you lifetime experience.

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5. Track on your Work-Life Balance:

                  These years of our life are considered as golden years of life.. Where you take your most important decisions of life. But, never forget these are the years you will remember later. So, have work life balance. Give 10% of your time for productive things. Sometimes we just evolve with life and forget about actually living it. So, keep track on your work-life balance.

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6. Make yourself Proud:

20+ years of your life you were working towards some goal. You may have achieved huge success or may not.

But the most important thing is you must check on yourself that you made it. You have been through worst situations, heart Breaks and lot more. But you deserve to be appreciated. Buy some gift to yourself to celebrate yourself.

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7.Learn financial Management:

Learn to manage your expenses and saving. Plan your financial budget. Learn to Invest. Focus more on investing than saving. Look for good insurance options. Plan your future house, car etc.

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8. Find your inspiration:

It’s tough to be strong, independent woman all the times. Sometimes you just need a break. It’s okay if you are feeling low on some days. You must find your inspiration. It could be that book you loved or a Netflix series that you like or just talk to your mom, grandmother.

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9. Speak for Yourself:

No matter what it is, if its making you feels uncomfortable just speak it out. Learn to speak out for yourself. If you think it’s wrong, speak it out. It could be some gender based joke in conversation or anything that’s you are not comfortable with.